Randazzo's King Cakes!

Welcome to the delicious world of Randazzo's King Cakes. "A Tradition in Baking" is what Nonna's is all about - the source for that fun New Orleans tradition, KING CAKES!  In keeping with the old world traditional italian bakery, Nonna Randazzo is committed to baking with only the finest quality products.

Carnival Mart is proud to be a select vendor of Randazzo's King Cakes during the festival season leading up to Fat Tuesday.  We bring in anywhere from 150 to 200 cakes fresh every day and every day we sell completely out so we simply can't take orders - we must sell them on a first-come first-served basis.

We typically offer three versions to choose from:

  • Traditional Cinnamon King Cake
  • Cream Cheese King Cake
  • Randazzo's Filled King Cake

Nonna Randazzo's Filled King Cakes are made fresh daily using quality ingredients, hand braided, topped with purple, green and gold sugars perfectly baked then iced using Nonna Randazzo's made-from-scratch, incredibly-delicious icing.  Their award-winning family recipe is truly authentic right down to the non-pariels that decorate their traditional king cake.  In keeping with the tradition of finding the king cake baby, they still hide the baby in the cake!  

Come and Get Yours this Mardi Gras Season!



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$0.99 Each

$8.90 For a 10pc Pack
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Tiger and Footballs

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$1.29 Each

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Go Tigers

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Purple - (12mm)

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Carnival Masks (One Dozen Large)

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Multi-colored Champagne Flutes

$7.75 per 6pc Pack

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Tri-colored Party Masks One Dozen

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$7.49 Dozen

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Elegant Party Masks

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Show Your Tits

$1.99 Each

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Blue & Gold Spiral Footballs

$21.50 Per Dozen

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Purple, Green & Gold Spiral Footballs

$21.50 Per Dozen

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$21.50 Per Dozen

Item No. 1416

Mens Mask

$2.99 Each

Item No.

Pink & White Spiral Footballs

$21.50 Per Dozen

Item No. Ty-149

Purple & Gold Spiral Footballs

$21.50 Per Dozen

Item No. Ty-149

Squishy Boobs

$12.95 Per Dozen

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Large Combs

$6.95 Per Dozen

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Snake Whistles

$7.95 per Gross (144)

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Jumbo Pacifiers

$4.95 6 pcs

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Tall Cup with Straw

$6.50 Each

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Irish Bucket Hat

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Shark Light up Sword

$9.95 Per Dozen

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Weed Leafs

$2.95 Each

$26.50 For a 10pc pk

Item No. 9032M


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