Carnival Mart Shipping Policies


At Carnival Mart, we make every effort to process (pack and ship) your order by the next business day, while making sure that your order is both accurate and carefully packaged. You will be able to choose your shipping method at the time of checkout. All shipping charges are final. You will never have to pay more for shipping than what you see when completing checkout. Duties, Customs, and any import fees may apply and are your responsibility. Please Note: We do not ship C.O.D. For larger orders, we often attach insurance or request delivery confirmations, which is paid by Carnival Mart.


Carnival Mart is proud to celebrate the following holidays: 

  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year's Day

We will be closed and will not process or ship any orders on those days. 

In addition to the Holidays above, the Post Office is closed for these Holidays: 

  • Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
  • Presidents' Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veteran's Day

While we will be open on these holidays and processing orders, unfortunately, due to all carriers (U.S. Mail, UPS, etc.) being closed on these days, we will not be able to ship out any orders.

Processing Times

All orders received by Noon (12:00) PT with expedited shipping options will be processed the same day, Monday through Friday. Orders received after Noon Central Time will be processed either the same day as received or the following business day. We do not process orders on Saturdays and Sundays.

Transit Times

Please note that occasionally, orders may take longer to process than stated due to large order volumes associated with holidays, special promotions, or delays associated with the carrier. Additionally, the UPS shipping options we offer do not include deliveries on Saturday or Sunday. International orders pass through customs, which may add additional delays. 

Additional Information

  • Important: UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box, nor does it deliver on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Changes to delivery addresses: If we are asked to make a change to a delivery address once a shipment left our facility, we will contact the courier to try and have them reroute the shipment. This may result in additional fees that you will be responsible for. Note that changes to delivery addresses are not possible for shipments sent via USPS (Postal Service).
  • Refusal of Package: If you refuse or do not claim a package shipped via UPS you will be responsible for the original delivery charges and be charged the fee to ship the package back to us as well as any duties charged to us.
  • Deliveries to Hotels: When requesting delivering to a hotel, if the front desk refuses the package for any reason you will be responsible for the original delivery charges as well as any charges required to reship the package.
  • Economy Mail: Carnival Mart reserves the right to ship either directly with USPS for domestic economy mail or to use alternative contracted third-party carrier(s) to ship with instead.
  • Delays beyond our control: Delays in delivery due to "Acts of Nature" or mechanical issues will not be reimbursed.
  • APO/FPO Addresses: Note that only our USA Economy Shipping and USA Priority Mail methods are available for APO/FPO shipments. Neither USPS Express Mail or United Parcel Service are currently available.
  • Customs Charges/Import Duties: For international orders, any duties, taxes or other import fees assessed by customs will be the responsibility of the recipient. We cannot alter Customs forms to indicate "Gift" status or otherwise. Complete invoices will be enclosed in the packages as postal and import/export regulations require.
  • Signature Waivers: We will not request a signature to be waived upon delivery. Customers choosing to waive required signatures with their individual carriers assume all responsibility for their orders once they leave our facilities.
  • Special Instruction: Please do not ask us to have the USPS leave packages "on the back porch," etc., as the USPS does not accept special requests.

Lost Packages: 

Due to no fault of our own, on rare occasion packages never arrive at their destination. If the carrier has confirmed delivery of the package, no replacement order will be sent. Claims for missing packages shown as delivered should be handled directly with the carrier or local police department.

If you have not received your package and the carrier has not confirmed delivery, please contact us for information regarding a replacement package. For international orders, we suggest checking with your local Customs office to inquire about your order. If your order was never confirmed as received by the carrier, we may replace your order after a waiting period has elapsed if you complete an affidavit confirming that your package was never received. If we do not receive this signed affidavit form back from you within 30 days from receipt, we will assume that your order has been received and the issue has been resolved.

If your order was not received because shipping information provided during checkout was incorrect, this policy will not apply. Please contact one of our skilled customer service representatives to discuss your options.


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Purple - (12mm)

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Carnival Masks (One Dozen Large)

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Multi-colored Champagne Flutes

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Show Your Tits

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Blue & Gold Spiral Footballs

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$21.50 Per Dozen

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Mens Mask

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Pink & White Spiral Footballs

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Purple & Gold Spiral Footballs

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Squishy Boobs

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Large Combs

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Snake Whistles

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